Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wedding Central

Hello Neglected (but not forgotten) Blog!

This year has been capital C razy. 

I am officially bi-coastal & needless to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying every day I have home. After all-- home is where my heart is :)

I'm currently planning my sisters wedding, that is officially 14 DAYS away! Did I mention that she decided she wanted to announce & plan it all in a total of 28 days?? I didn't think so ;) 

Minor details. . . . .minor details.

I am happily her Maid of Honor. Decorator. Designer. Sanity keeper. Consultant. And hair & makeup artist. Phew!

We live exactly 115 miles from each other & every detail has happened over text, phone calls, & emails. At this point, I've never appreciated technology more. I don't know how life would happen without it!

I have approximately 100 lbs. of candles, vases, tissue paper, beads & crystals sitting here waiting to be taken down for setup, and they're starting to burn a hole in my proverbial 'decorating pocket'!


Jordyn, if you're reading this...I've told you 1,000,000 times before, and I'll tell you 1,000,000 times again. 

I love you!

I couldn't be happier, or more honored, that you've trusted me with making your dream day come to life!

Without further a-do, here's the eye candy...

She's opted for an intimate family gathering at my parents home & these are our inspiration photos! 



  1. Hey this may sound like the craziest comment I've ever left to another blogger, but yesterday I was seating 2 chairs away from you on the flight and couldn't help but recognize in your laptop that there it was another fellow blogger! I tried to find you when we landed, but I guess it was too late.

    Anyways I was really happy to find your blog! I am moving to Fort Lauderdale next week, so let me know if you ever back there! And congrats to your sister, hope the wedding will be fabulous. I just love the decor inspiration!


  2. I do recognize you...What a small world we live in! I am there all of the time. I'm actually flying back the day after my sisters wedding. Keep in touch, & I'm glad you found me here! xx Jenelle